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05-17-2005, 17:31
Here's the scoop. I have a HP 500mHz, 40 gig, with 384RAM running XP Pro. Have a cable modem. The XP was just installed after a disc wipe (Win98SE croaked). The machine is fed by ethernet coming off of a router, and I'm using AVG.

My prob is that websites load very slow, and often instead of seeing a pic I get the red X of death. Something ain't right. Foxnews and Drudge take forever to load.

I've tried to set XP on the lowest security setting (don't know if that would help), but it won't let me set it lower than medium. I also have set for "maximum performance". A techie tells me that my machine wont take any more RAM. I've tried Mozilla, but its no better. I've also tried feeding the machine directly from the cable modem instead of going thru the router, but I can't get it to connect and am over my head on this one.

Any ideas how to speed things up, other than buying a new machine with more RAM?

best regards

05-17-2005, 22:18
im no expert but it seems that your machine cant hadle XP
for a 500 mhz I would suggest win2k instead of XP
as far as the ram check how many slots does your motheroboard has for ram if its 2 or 3 and try to get matching sticks if you have 3 slots get 3 128 or 3 356 or 3 512 sticks
you might have already mathcing stikcs but your onboard vid card may be chewing on some ram , if thats the case get a nice cheap vid card as well

my 2 cents
im no pro , did built my own system
p4 3.4 Extreme Edition , 4 gigs of ram, 340 Gigs HD Raided, Nvidia 6800 Ultra , Sound Blaster Audigy 2 plat. , 2 8x +- dvdr's, Koolance watercooled case,DFI lan party mobo, running win xp pro

05-17-2005, 22:51
Try rebooting the cable modem and then the router.

05-18-2005, 00:40
I have installed XP on many, many sub-500MHz PC's. It does well if there is more than 256MB of RAM installed.

I'd check for spyware, adware and viruses.

And be sure you turn off the little 'extras' that XP runs by default. Also turn off any Screensavers you have running.

Most importantly, make sure very few things start with Windows. If there is a long line of icons by the clock, you have too much crap running in the background and that's the prob for sure.

One last thing: Avast! is a lot better than AVG 7 is...

Good luck.

05-18-2005, 04:53
Drudge always takes forever to load. <G>

You might want to check your MTU settings, with something like DoctorTCP. Checkout the tools and tests at:

First do a test to get the baseline of your connection speed, then you know how you do when you change settings.

05-18-2005, 05:16
I have a Gateway 450 with 128 MB of ram and XP Pro does great on it.