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Michael Dean
05-18-2005, 13:19
A friend gave me a DVD with some family videos on it. The file is in ISO format. Suggestions on how to convert the ISO file to the proper format to play on a DVD player would be most appreciated.

I am totally ignorant about ISO files.

Thanks, Mike

05-18-2005, 17:37
what you need to do is copy the .iso file onto your hard drive. next you need to burn the file to a DVD as a "disc image" not as regular data.

of course this assumes you have a dvd writer, do you?

05-19-2005, 02:42
What david said. Of course you could also use a program like Nero Virtual Drive or Daemon Tools to mount the image on your hard drive and it will show up as another drive. From there you can watch it in your comp, but to play in any dvd player you will need a DVD burner.

Michael Dean
05-19-2005, 09:30
Thanks for the tips guys. I will work on that this weekend when I have more time. And yes I do have a DVD burner, sorry I forgot to mention that.