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05-19-2005, 00:05
Hey all,

I have a new system that didn't have a sound card so I went and bought a basic Soundblaster LIVE 24 bit card to use. I will say that I have a KICK BUTT set of speakers in the Klipsch Pro-Media. I have the 2 front, 2 rear and a sub, they are unreal.
I have installed sound cards before 8 or 9 times and it NEVER fails that there is ALWAYS some type of problem getting them to run right. I have helped people another 10 times or so trying to get their sound to work right. So I have had a storied history with sound card and their associated operation and software.
I had been avoiding it but I decided to install it. Everything went fine. I booted up and installed the software and everything seemed to be great. I couldn't wait to hear my tunes again in that beautiful sound.
I start an MP3 and all I get is sound from the front 2 and sub. OK nothing to panic about I must have a plug wrong or something. NOPE. OK maybe there is something I am missing on my speaker system, NOPE. Well it's prolly my system somewhere, NOPE. Here I am after 4 hours of aggravation trying to get all 4 speakers working and NOTHING. I plug, unplug, test and re-test. Every test I do show that all speakers are working and powered up. I was getting madder by the second. I went through all of the goofy software Creative gives you, about 15 different programs trying to find some cause for the problem, NOTHING.
If it was early enough for Customer Support to be in, those cats would've been talking about me this time next week. I was loaded for bear let me tell ya. I go through their Knowledge Base articles trying to find something to explain it with no luck. I was madder than a hornet and aggravated too. Then I ran across some posting in the Creative Newsgroups about getting all of the speakers to work so I decided to check it out. I had tried everything so why not.
After reading all of this there was a phrase about enabling sound to come from all 4 speakers after this option is checked. I go to one of the mini programs installed and find the button they are talking about and then make a few clicks and move a slider or 2 around and WALA, GLORIOUS sound of Earth, Wind & Fire is pouring our of my speakers.
After that amount of time I was relieved to get it working. What a shock that it turned out to be some little pissant setting in a program that I would NEVER use. The sound card strikes again. I hate 'em and always will.
Off to glorious tunes....FINALLY.


P.S. I know it's long, I had to vent or my head would've split open. Has anything like that happened to you with sound cards?

05-19-2005, 00:18
A while back I used to do tech support for, um, a very large software company.

Anyhow, this goof calls in whining that his cdplayer sound isn't working.

Tested a bunch of stuff and everything seemed to be working fine; no errors, and no sound.

Finally after about 45 minutes of checking stuff I asked him if he had ever been inside his computer. He said, yes, but it was to install a memory stick "and the sound was working fine after that" (and we all know customers don't lie).

I finally convinced him to open his box and check the wire that goes from the cdrom to the soundcard.

Well, what do you know. It was not plugged into the card. The guy mumbled something about how maybe he brushed against it while inside the box installing the new memory.

Its The Truth
05-19-2005, 01:28
Sound blaster drivers are crap. It kept freezing my computer. Ripped it all out, went with Turtle beach, and no more problems.

05-19-2005, 10:54
Originally posted by Nalapombu
I HATE Dealing with SOUND Cards...

ditto. try an old version of linux if you whish to pull your hair out.

05-19-2005, 20:16
Odd. Maybe sound cards just like me for some reason, but I never have any problems with installing systems up to 1.7 surround...even in Linux, OSS and ALSA are easy to use once you get their numbers.

Anyhow, with any Creative card the trick is to IGNORE ALL OTHER ITEMS BESIDES THE DRIVERS.

JUST install the drivers and leave all of the extra dross right there on the CD.

Or just let XP pick it up. That works with up to 2.1 flawlessly for me every time, though I just use the CL drivers when setting up a real set of speaks.

With a 4.1 system, you should have EAX and CMSS enabled in the driver's CP.

BTW, Creative DOES supply free tech support with their products...maybe you ought to give them a call if ripping out all the ether crap and doing a fresh install with just the driver doesn't fix this for ya.

05-20-2005, 07:32
Originally posted by fastvfr
up to 1.7 surround...

that's an interesting configuration ;f

05-20-2005, 10:43
The Sound Blasters are suppose to give some of the best sound.The biggest problem with Sound Blasters is their drivers are the most difficult to uninstall.This often makes changing cards or updating dating drivers difficult.I like Turtle Beach because the drivers are normally easy to unistall and the sound is good enough for me.Another thing,the sound card should be installed as far from the video card as possible.When these two cards are drawing a lot of current/power,they can interfer with each other.

05-20-2005, 16:45
It looks like new drivers just came out for Sound Blaster Live 24 bit


05-20-2005, 18:19
Originally posted by fastvfr:
up to 1.7 surround...

How'd THAT get in there?!

I typed 7.1 and my cheapo keyboard saw fit to mock me bydeveloping a case of dyslexia. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Seriously, though, another thing to look out for under Winders is that the sound and vid cards do not 'share' an IRQ addy.

DirectX has a real problem with that. It can crash games or at least will cause catastrophic framerate drops.

05-26-2005, 19:56
Agreed. Do not let Soundblaster install ANY software on your computer, and be careful with the drivers.

05-26-2005, 22:19
They just updated the Audigy drivers for my card a couple weeks ago. Before that the drivers would forget your settings (ie - HEY software, I have 5.1) when you restarted. Also losing any custom balance or volume settings you had saved. Pretty cool being able to update straight from the website though. Out of all the cards out there though, I think Creative is the best.