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Angel Of Death
05-23-2005, 01:46

I put all my icons at the bottom of my screen, I have just enough to make one line along the bottom. When i reset, 4 of them ALWAYS go back up to the top left hand corner! What gives?

05-23-2005, 06:34
Right click on your screen.
Click on "Arrange Icons by".
Unclick "Auto arrange".

Angel Of Death
05-23-2005, 09:32
It wasn't checked, but I checked it and unchecked it.

So when my computer decides to reset itself (a couple times per day at least. ggggrrrrrrr..........) we'll see how that worked out.

Thanks! Erik

05-23-2005, 11:24
Erik, what do you mean by "resets itself"?

Do you mean it reboots itself, or that the icons jump out of the arrangement you have made?

BTW, are the offenders My Comp, Network Places, My Docs and Recycle Bin, by any chance? :)

If this is XP, those icons will 'automagically' jump back to the upper-left side of the screen whenever they feel like it, and only by editing several Windows files AND the Registry can that annoyance be stopped.


Angel Of Death
05-23-2005, 15:01
I know a couple of them are folders and links to folders. I don't think the ones you have mentioned have offended me. Ah well. I guess if that's my worst problem I'm doing good.

Oh yeah, the worse problem - the rebooting!

My computer tries to tell me I'm having driver issues and that's why it's rebooting on it's own. At least 4 or 5 times per 24 hours.

Really REALLY annoying, especially when I'm writing an email.

Plus, when it does reboot it takes about 10 minutes to completely boot up. The ASUS mobo screen hangs around for a while, then the black screen for a little while, then the windows screen for a little while. I hate my computer and want to strangle it. I'm going to drop it back down to 3.4ghz (from 3.9ghz) and see if that makes a difference. Who knows.

05-23-2005, 22:40
3.9GHz? What MOBO/CPU?

More to the point, WHAT COOLING SOLUTION?!? Give us a rundown of your hardware and we'll help you spot the weak link.

Errors -in stock PC's- that cause rebooting can usually be traced to corrupt vid card drivers or power supplies on their last legs...with your rig, there's no telling!

The first thing I'd do is throttle back if you aren't using phase change or liquid to cool it...but if you are, then the thing to do is ramp the vDIMM up a notch.

And make SURE the AGP/PCI freqs are locked down @ 66.66MHz/33.33MHz. Then test it with MemTest86 and see if it really is stable.

If not, max out the RAM voltage (according to the DIMM maker's literature) and see where that leaves you. A 3.9GHz OC is going to really heat things up, and anything from an overheated NB to a flaky PSU to the power circuitry on the MOBO itself (voltage droop) could be the culprit.

Even a lack of fans to breathe the case can cause what you are seeing. Sure is fast, though, huh? :)

What Asus board are you using? Probably one like mine if you got almost to 4GHz...

Angel Of Death
05-24-2005, 05:12
Here's the setup.

- ASUS "P5GD2" Premium 915P Chipset Motherboard for Intel LGA775 CPU
- Intel LGA774 Pentium 4 550 3.4Ghz, 800Mhz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache w/ Hyperthreading Technology
- Sapphire ATI Radeon X600 PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR, 128 Bit, DVI/TV-Out, PCI Expers 16
- 2 sticks of Crucial Balistix 512mb 240-pin DIMM DDR2 533mhz

I have the factory fan on my chip, and 4 80mm fans throughout, two in front (one cools the 2 80gig seagates) and two in the back.

I scaled the OC down to 5% so it's running at 3.578ghz and took the side cover off.

We'll see how that works. Before I played with her I woke up to a frozen desktop. Yay.

I'm going to leave the AC on full blast in my tiny little bedroom with the computer on the ground, see if that helps too.

Here's a picture of my crappy setup. I'm quite limited by what the Marine Corps provides/allows by the way of furniture.

Think I should dust?

[EDIT] I reinstalled video drivers also, from the Sapphire provided CD. All is well so far. I'm guessing with the size of my bedroom, and minimal balcony/bedroom door opening, ambient room temp should be down to 18/19 degrees Celsius within an hour.

Uptime starts: 1420 hours Istanbul/Ankara time. Fingers crossed!

05-24-2005, 08:25
Holy crap.

Okay, first off, you need a LOT more than the stock cooling to make a decent overclock happen, especially with a Prescott CPU!

Secondly, you need to get that rig off the carpet ASAP! Static...dust...bad.

As far as the lockups go, it is probably your RAM or a peripheral card that is holding you back. Check carefully in the BIOS for an AGP/PCI Lock and also check around for a RAM Divider.

What the divider does is lets you memory modules off the hook, as it were. If the FSB is at 250MHz, and you run the DIMMs on a 5:4 divider, your RAM runs at 200MHz x 4 while the frontside bus runs at 250MHz x 4.

If the system works well with a divider you know that the RAM was the weak link. Ballistix is usually pretty good, but you have to raise the timings on DDR2 to get it solid in some systems. Don't mess with shaky memory unless you like reformatting...overstressed RAM will garble the data and cause that noise to be written to the HDD, which can b0rk a Windows OS in no time.

Good MOBO, BTW. How big is that power supply?

As I said, lock the AGP/PCI freqs and check for a RAM divider setting before you go any further. Since you lowered the OC and still had a frozen desktopyou still have gremlins.

Angel Of Death
05-24-2005, 08:37
400w power supply.

I'm wicked scared to start messing with ram speeds and voltages!

As of right now it's been up for 3 hours and only OC'd 5% (because I didn't see the 0% option!).

It's holding tight so far so I think the heat was definitely the problem.

We'll see by this time tomorrow. Thanks man!

Angel Of Death
05-25-2005, 11:47
Update: 30 hours of consecutive uptime! YES YES YES

Thanks man! You rule! Erik