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05-29-2005, 07:54
Water, IMHO, is the next really big investment opportunity - reclaimation, recovery, delivery and so on (even generation - yes, its being done). Although water is considered a renewable resource, it is quickly becoming a scarce commodity (anyone been involved in water rationing - and no longer just in the summer?).

Just consider the growing demand for water in the Middle East, China, and India due to their population growth. Then factor in the needs of the U.S., Europe, Central and South America, etc., for the same reason - population.

If still somewhat doubtful, do a Internet search of water stocks and look at their history of growth and the buy-outs that are taking place.

As I said in the beginning, just MHO (or rather my MH20). ;K

Sinister Angel
05-29-2005, 10:58
Actually, I'm surrprised that no one has jumped on this. Theoritically, it wouldn't be that hard... just get a HUGE setup of evaporators rollin next to the coast...

05-29-2005, 11:14
Economic desalination is the key. Figure out how to do that and you would probably be one of the richest people in the world.

05-29-2005, 11:20
Economic desalination is the key. Figure out how to do that and you would probably be one of the richest people in the world.

05-29-2005, 19:26
One of the more interesting water stocks on the market is from a company in Singapore called HyFlux (HYFXY.PK)or The company was founded by a woman named Olivia Lum and has as its primary product equipment that removes moisture from the air and turns it into potable water. Several weeks ago, one of the devices was featured on one of the new products shows on the Home and Garden channel.

Some other companies that may bear watching are Watts Water Technologies (WTTS), Southwest Water Co. (SWWC), and Aqua America Inc. (WTR).

05-30-2005, 06:18
One of my political geography professors in college believes that a shortage of water will cause the next world war. Hmmmmm...

05-30-2005, 07:32
A world war over water is possible. Without water there is no life and with the continuing population growth throughout the world, people will be forced to live in regions where water is extremely scarce or is non-existant. In the latter instance, people will have to choose death because of no water or life by taking water from someone else. Looking back on the history of the human race, the decision will be to take water from someone else. Individual lives will be expended in a war for water, but the race itself will survive and survival is the goal of all life.

GlydeG19 - why don't you print this entire thread, share it with your prof. and then post his opinion. It will be interesting to read what he has to say.

06-03-2005, 14:34
I suppose I should have said one of my former professors. I graduated 4 years ago.