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05-29-2005, 13:49
Decided to discharge the battery on my Dell Inspiron 600M today. Up until today, I had been running it on AC for the past 3 weeks. Upon unplugging, the display got significantly dimmer. Is this normal for a lappy??

05-29-2005, 13:52
Yep, part of your power saving schema.

05-29-2005, 13:53
Yes, it's a setting in the BIOS that sets the default brightness when on AC and Batt...

05-29-2005, 14:07
Yea, found the setting under dsiplay in the control panel. PowerPlay is activated which is saving battery life. No biggee since I run on AC 99% of the time. Gonna leave it activated since I am only gonna be discharging the battery once a month.

Now, if I took this lappy on a trip and was gonna watch a DVD, then I might be deactivating the bear. ;f