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06-05-2005, 23:51
Ok, the last time i did a book report was 5th grade so bear with me.

I picked up Michael Savage's book "The Savage Nation" at the green valley book fair (a Bog Lots for books) He had some wonderful insights although i considered his changing of people's names (Al Goreleone, Jessie Hi-Jackson, etc) a bit childish. The book focused on the liberal influence on our nation, our culture and how its going to send this country down the tubes. It was a pretty good read and i plan on buying more of his work. My .02

06-13-2005, 22:47
Read it, loved it and the same with the two after that. Mike is a great guy but he rubbs a lot of folks wrong because he is real and speaks his mind. Listening to Savage on the radio lowers my blood preasure because it sooths me to know others are outraged by the same decline I see in our once great nation.

06-19-2005, 05:20

I have the book. His juvenile changing of names is annoying.

Also, I think he gets a bit too obnoxious in dissing folks on his radio talk show---even folks who call in to agree with him get insulted.

Otherwise, I want him to run for Vice President on a ticket with Ann Coulter running for President. They could call it the "American" party. I would vote for them.

PS: I am wading through Coulter's "How to Talk to Liberals if you Must" book. I love her philosophy, but so far, I find the book very annoying and mistitled. All it does is publish all her old syndicated newspaper columns about GW Bush vs Kerry, liberal Democrats (a redundant term), 9/11 Arab terrorists, and the Iraq war. No discussion on how to talk with a liberal.

06-20-2005, 00:45
thanks for the heads up, ya just saved me some dough. If im ever in Mississippi, Beer(s) on me.

06-20-2005, 19:26
Mmmmm doggies! The store-bought stuff?

I get to DC-Alexandria area ocasionally (when I can't get out of it.) I couldn't live in that rat race.

Take care.