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06-11-2005, 08:46
Could anyone recommend a good half-dozen or so (not too many) songs from Dream Theater's repertoire to check out for someone completely unfamiliar with their work? They're headlining Gigantour with Megadeth and I just got my ticket... while the price was extremely reasonable for a festival, and I wouldn't mind going only to see Megadeth, I figure I might as well check out some of the other bands since I'll be there anyway!

06-12-2005, 16:10
Take a listen to any of these:


06-13-2005, 14:38
Just a few of my favorites (in chronological order from oldest to newest):

Images & Words album:
Pull Me Under (if Dream Theater has a "signature" song, this is it)
Metropolis Pt. 1

Awake album:
Caught in a Web
The Mirror

A Change of Seasons (song and album name)

Falling into Infinity album:
New Millenium
Trial Of Tears

Scenes from a Memory album:
The Dance of Eternity

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence album:
The Glass Prison
Blind Faith

Train of Thought album:
As I Am
This Dying Soul

Haven't heard their latest album yet (still waiting for it to be delivered), which is probably what they'll be playing a lot of this tour. I've heard it's a more similar to the "classic" Dream Theater sound (like IAW and Awake). Train of Thought is by far their heaviest album.

06-13-2005, 21:52
MarmaladeBoy, you're going to fall in love with Dream Theater. I guarantee it. They may not have the largest fan base, but the fan base they have are extremely loyal and know that these guys are some absolutely incredible musicians.

They can be heavy and they can be very sad, enough to make you break into tears.

I love their music.

<--- very big DT fan.

06-14-2005, 08:53
Hiya Mike #wav I thought you might show up here :)

Chico Bill
06-15-2005, 13:50
Some of my favorites:

Images & Words (2nd Album but where the true DT sound really comes out):

METROPOLIS Pt. 1 (You HAVE to have this song!)
Pull Me Under is another great Prog-Metal Song.
I also really like "Learning to Live"

Awake (In my oppinion a great album but not quite I&W):

The Mirror/Lie (Awesome 7 string)

Change of Seasons (An EP built around a single 23 minute long epic song):

The whole friggin thing!

Falling Into Infinity (Considered by many to be a commercial compromise and political dissapointment):

Lines in the Sand

Scenes from a Memory (An entire 70-something minute album telling a story...AWESOME Album--It's a rival to I&W):

The whole thing but particularly:

Through Her Eyes
Overture 1928

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (A double album..a more textured sound overall with less "defineable' songs but still good and still DT):

Solitary Shell

Train of Thought (Darker, heavier album):

As I Am
In the Name of God

Octavarium (I just got it and initially was disappointed but it's growing on me fast.)

Octavarium--A very retro-sounding prog song
These Walls
Sacrificed Sons

Also Check out Liquid Tension Experiment, which is an instrumental group made up of the guitarrist, drummer, and keyboardist from DT along with the bassist from King Crimson.