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06-12-2005, 22:21
I am always searching for music that is different and innovative. MuteMath's "Reset"ep was like striking pay dirt for me. MuteMath displays a diverse range of styles fusing elements of rock, jazz, reggae, electronica and rave. If you like 311, The Police, Radiohead, or Massive Attack, this band's first effort should keep your CD player occupied for awhile even with only 7 songs on this $9.00 EP. I'm looking forward to a full length record with a top notch producer, scheduled to release this spring.
A free listen to their tunes and a video of a live performance is at;
Don't miss the songs "Control" and "Progress" and the video for "Chaos".

06-15-2005, 14:19
have you checked out stuff by "the mars volta"? good stuff.