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06-13-2005, 08:37
So, my chest is pretty well developed. I weigh in at about 205 right now and bench 315. However, I feel my upper chest needs some work. For upper chest, I used to just do either dumbell incline or barbell incline. However, I work chest twice per week. I have a pretty short recovery time for chest, so this is the one body part I hit twice. So, my plan is to do my regular routine on one of my days and an almost purely upper chest routine on the other day. Here is my routine:


Flat barbell bench (5-6 sets)
Incline dumbell bench (3-4 sets)
Decline hammer machine (4 sets)
Cable crossovers or dumbell flys (4 sets)


Dumbell flat bench (5 sets)
Incline dumbell bench (3-4 sets)
Incline dumbell flys (4 sets)
Hammer incline machine (4 sets)

I tried this second workout for the first time last night. I am somewhat sore in the upper chest. However, I just never seem to feel the soreness/burn in the upper chest like I think I should. Anybody have any suggestions?

06-13-2005, 17:33
wow, thats alot of training for a small bodypart. Cut the chest training down to once a week. you are doing 36 sets a week for chest. No wonder its not growing.

06-13-2005, 18:47
I used to only do once per week, however, my recovery time is very short for chest. It is actually more like 2 chest workouts every 9 days. My chest is growing, however, I just don't feel a lot of burn in my upper chest.