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06-15-2005, 16:23
Is it possible to run dual Video cards?

Whats the benefit?

How are they linked?

Is it better than buying a super duper card.

Im running an Nvidea 6600GT right now.Would it be good to add another?

06-15-2005, 16:33
Never mind, found what I needed.

06-15-2005, 16:39
Is it possible to run dual Video cards?

Whats the benefit?
2 monitors gives you twice as much room to open stuff up.

How are they linked?
I had one AGP and one PCI video card.

06-15-2005, 16:43
Do the cards have to be PCI express? Im basically looking to increase the power of just one monitor, you know, make it bad arse :)

06-15-2005, 17:00
Originally posted by -=DFOX=-
Do the cards have to be PCI express? Im basically looking to increase the power of just one monitor, you know, make it bad arse :)

ahhh, gaming?

if so, then you want to look into SLI where 2 NVIDIA cards can run at once. i don't know a lot about it other than you have to change the settings for each particular game you play. also, i read somewhere that SLI doesn't work with most non-game programs (worst case scenerio is that you just have one card running).

i don't know much about it, maybe someone using it can chime in.

In SLI, the cards are bridged together


for the bridge to attach, each card must have a connector thingy like what's on the left side of this card


06-15-2005, 17:02
Thanks for the help, it looks like it has to be PCI express, no go for me, just thought I would check.

06-15-2005, 18:29
To answer you question, they are only made for PCI express because nobody has two AGP slots and PCI does not have the bandwidth to be useful.

06-15-2005, 20:39
BTW, most decent vid cards have either two DVI connectors or a DVI and and analog VGA connector, so you can run two monitors from the one card.

Also, the SLI setups are currently optimized only for benchmarks and a few games presently...in most other apps you'll get exactly the same performance, within a few percentage points.

Oh, and $1000 worth of bragging rights...;Q ;g ;f ;g ;Q

06-21-2005, 10:18
Computers have gotten faster than any common use demands. Manufacturers have pushed the tech out trying to evolve uses.. but..
even 2 year old gaming cards (state of the art 2 years ago!) can
usually run even the latest games at moderate settings.

Coders MUST make allowances for older machines, or they'd be hated. It's a race where the hardware pulls the software.

What this translates to is that older tech, still on the warehouse shelves, is rapidly obsolescent and "non-sexy".. and the price drops like a rock.

You've got DDR 3, dual core processors are shipping, AMD pushes 64 bit, bluetooth is out there, everybody's laptop has included wi-fi.

Back up a year on the tech level, you can build a machine for 'half price' compared to last weeks latest and greatest.

It's smarter. You still get full warranty, it's as good as it ever was, it's tested and rated and tons of reviews, you can pick and choose among the bargains.

You can build a computer out of 'best of show' parts that were once cutting edge and high dollar, and do it on the cheap. Net result, 90% of the performance, 50% of the cost, and BETTER reliability.

AGP 8x is plenty. A 200$ card is every bit as fun as a 500$ card unless you're an angst ridden ego driven teenager..

And it leaves 3 bills for those minor details like rent and car payments.

Just in case.