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06-17-2005, 17:51
Has anyone ever shared a dail-up connection using both wired and wireless connections? A co-worker of mine is lookig to share a dial-up between 3 PC's. He is looking for a "How To".

Before you ask, Yes dial-up is all he can get where he lives.

06-17-2005, 18:38
It's very simple, if at least one machine runs WinXP. It's a cake walk if all machines run XP.

Here's a good read:

06-18-2005, 01:20
Good to see another East Texan on!!

Yeah, I had the same setup before I was able to get broadband.

1 Desktop and 2 laptops sharing dial-up, files etc. Both wired and wirelessly.

Wired is easy. Get a hub, run ethernet lines from all the comps to the hub. Run the Home network wizard on all the machines. and your done.

Wireless has to be peer to peer. Put wireless cards in all the machines and then set up your wireless network.

Doesnt work as well though cause the range isnt all that good on a peer to peer network. but its workable..

Good luck.

06-18-2005, 01:20
It is the same as sharing a Broadband connection.

Just a whoooole lot slower.

06-18-2005, 04:38
Thank you all for the information.