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06-24-2005, 10:26
At this point I've made some really easy changes to my diet and I've lost 27 pounds in four months. I'm not in any diet mode or anything just being concious of what I eat. I really love yogart, but I am growing weary of the sugar. Otherwise I eat a lot of chicken, whole grain bread, fruit, peanut butter, 1% milk-I can't stand skim, 2% cottage cheese-again fat free is terrible, grape nuts, and I snack on cashews and jerky. I still eat mayo, ketchup, juice, and the occasional cookie. I heard it was a good rule of thumb to eat foods with less than a third of the calories from fat, but I try to get as little as possible.

What else do you all enjoy that is healthy(ier)?

06-27-2005, 14:45
Fish. Grilled or Broiled or baked. Not fried.

I'd say a good 75% of my protein comes from fish or skinless chicken. I eat beef maybe once a month.

Another good choice is beans. High in fiber and protein.

California Jack
06-27-2005, 16:16

06-27-2005, 22:59
Not a big bean fan. Baked Beans are good, bit not too healthy I suppose.

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06-28-2005, 12:04
Another good choice I read today is unsalted almonds.

06-30-2005, 17:41
Almonds are good! I just read the Stats on my Peanut Butter 200 cal/150 fat cal 18 grams fat, and only 6 grams protein so no more peanut butter. I was eating 2 servings every day:(

07-02-2005, 18:39
canned tuna, egg whites, protein powder, chicken, cottage cheese, fish, low fat beef (96/4), protein bars