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06-27-2005, 00:18
My Volvo aka brick is going through some upgrades...

1. NPR IC -- Done

2. New 3" exhaust -- Just finished turbo downpipe and next weekend starts the welding of the new cat and muffler.

3. Turbo camshaft --- Should be here Tuesday

4. Boost upped to 11 psi ( currently at 8.4 during a hot day 105-110F) -- After exhaust and camshaft. ( in the end I'll probably push it up to 12psi depends because fuel maps on stock ecu are very agressive so pinging and detonation could be a factor)

5. 36lb injectors up from the 29lb stockers.

6. MSD coil and new plugs/wires. -- Got the parts just need to do it. Probably next weekend

I'll include pics and dyno charts after I am done. If anyone can recommend a place to dyno a car in PHX I'd appreciate it. I might be able to get a few other friends to come along also.

This is the NPR IC I picked up over the weekend.

06-27-2005, 05:30
kick ass, turbo volvos rock!

06-27-2005, 05:53
Make sure you find someone with a dyno and have it run to check out you exhaust readings. I would hate to see a grown man cry if it melts down;P

06-27-2005, 10:12
Nice clean NPR. :) What'd you pay for it, if I may ask?

Do they fit into bricks as well as they do into Foxes?


06-27-2005, 17:27
It's a drop in for bricks I paid 270. Crackhead prices I know.

Streeter69 I'll keep that in mind. I gotta find a place that does dyno testing.

06-28-2005, 11:26
Ouch, yeah. I paid $125 for mine.

It's quite the IC, though, and even better that it just drops in. Keep us posted with progress. :)


06-28-2005, 18:05
Originally posted by Asha'man
Ouch, yeah. I paid $125 for mine.

It's quite the IC, though, and even better that it just drops in. Keep us posted with progress. :)


That's very good. Here are is a pic of it in the car.

06-29-2005, 00:17
Camshaft is in ... should be installed in a couple of weeks.
:) :)

06-29-2005, 01:15
Sweet. I'm guessing your stock radiator fits? I have to use an Explorer radiator to fit between the inlet/outlet of the IC.


06-29-2005, 03:17
Stock rad fits , the NPR's are about the same size as the stock volvo ones just about 1 " wider and 1" longer.

06-30-2005, 19:23
More details, please ;f

<-- '83 244 and 245, plus a '99 S70 at the house. Only the wrong-wheel drive one is boosted :(

07-01-2005, 23:40
lol the FWD

That said the s70's are beasts.

I got a B230FT, redblock 90+ ( 13 mm rods ) on right now. IIRC 530 head, 90+ manifold. Currently running LH 2.4, although MSNS may *may* just be in the works.

I want to see how it does with the new exhaust, cam , and injectors before I mess with the ecu. If I do MSNS ( MegaSquirt n Spark) I can really do some awesome stuff.

If you are interested you can always +t one of the other Volvo's.

Lot's of stuff on it at turbobricks.com .

Here's a pic of my engine

07-02-2005, 10:21
I'm trying to convince a friend of mine to go standalone on his 242TI - it's already somewhat modded, and being able to fully program the ECU would make a world of difference.

Then again he's thinking about swapping in a B230FT, which means I'd get his current B21 for one of my 240's. He also has a non-intercooled 244 parts car at his dad's house that we keep talking about swapping in to one of mine. But then again, mine both run so well, I hate to mess with them ;f

My 245 will turn 245k miles today, and my wife's is somewhere around 320k, if we can trust the former owner (odo has been broken for years).

07-02-2005, 19:49
160k here and runs like a champ. If he goes to the B230ft try to find one that is from say a 940 94 and up, they have piston oil squirters helps out the longevitey of that engine.

Tell your buddy to wait from what I hear their will be a plug and play kit soon in the way of ECU's. Unplug your old ECU and plug in MSnS, that would be very awesome. Then you can have a everyday driving map and then maybe a "fun" may 20 psi boost ;)

Edit: I saw an odometer fix not too long ago if you want I can dig around.

07-02-2005, 20:25
Yep, he's got the newer 940 engine. He's forgotten more about Volvos than I'll ever know. I'm still kicking myself for not buying his '79 242GT that he sold to re-buy the TI. Have you ever seen the rally cluster in the GT? Sooo cool.

Re: Odometer fix - if you're talking about the new gear from IPD, I don't think it applies to mine. Both our 240's are '83 models. I think the fix is for '86 and up, or whenever they changed the sender.

07-03-2005, 00:21
Yeah the 940 engine is pretty nice. Wow you passed up on a 245GT, don't worry I kick myself for not buying a Colt 1911 that was US gov issued. BTW what does your buddy have done to the car?

I got a buddy here who is fixing up a 245 he just found some GT seats in a junkyard very good condition he's gonna run them in his car, they look good.


Some guy awhile back had a set for sale on TBricks.

Yeah from 86 just looked it up...eh getting parts is sometimes 1/2 the fun. ;Q

Junkyards are a great spot though for old cars esp Volvo's. If you want I'll ask around. If you get a chance you might want to search around in Tbricks they deal with alot of the RWD and older Volvo's.

07-03-2005, 09:44
Yep, had to pass on the GT. Just wasn't in the budget at the time. I did find the 244 not long after that - got it for $750. Friend pricing on the GT was more like $1500.

I'll see if I can get the mod list for my buddy's TI, he has a decent amount of stuff done to it.

I'm not too worried about the odometer in my wife's car, since the gas gauge still works ;f

07-03-2005, 18:44
LOL that 940 wouldn't be Eric's red/maroon 940...

07-16-2005, 23:42
Just did a 3" exhaust and downpipe, it sounds sweet, and I'm pushing about 9.5-10psi now. ;)

07-17-2005, 13:10
Sweeeet. Was it custom or a ready-made kit?

07-18-2005, 01:26
Custom, I'll take some pics tomorrow or do a video.

07-18-2005, 14:11
3" downpipe goodness and full 3" all the way back.

Edit: I'll up a shorter version.

07-18-2005, 18:20
Good luck with it.

07-18-2005, 19:14
Originally posted by ATI_RAGE_
3" downpipe goodness and full 3" all the way back.

Talk about sewer pipe ;P

And here I thought the TME 63.5mm cat-back for FWD turbos was big...

07-19-2005, 02:47
Well it's a bit large for but stock is 2.25" and no point in doing a 2.5" I said screw it and went with 3". A couple of people when running more boost or a more agressive camshaft ( which I will do ) had the exhaust as a restriction even at 2.5" .


1.55megs ( quicktime)

Here is a pic of the MSD coil and new plugs and new wires installed.

Edit: Many of the 850R's here run a 3" exhaust aswell. I know their is a local S70R that was tuned by IPD... ;)

08-07-2005, 01:22
New camshaft is in, unfortunately we were numbnuts and didn't take pictures during the process. I've got a pic of the new cam before install though . Also knocked out a new timing belt and all belts, valve silencers radiator flush, and new tstat.


Next step larger turbo (15g) and MSnS.

08-07-2005, 17:24
Nice and lumpy :)

Any plans to dyno after the install?

08-07-2005, 18:48
Yup we plan on doing a group dyno deal with a bunch of the Volvo guys here. I'll prolly run race gas and push 15psi for that.