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bertud ng putik
06-28-2005, 02:36
guys, pag nag pa tune up ba ng 45, kasali ba ang throating the barrel? kelangan ba talaga ithroat ito? need info if this is necessary talaga? ano ang naitutulong nito sa performance or pede bang leave it stock na lang? tnx!

Eye Cutter
06-28-2005, 04:04
throating simply means polishing the barrel mouth to get rid of any sharp edges or rough spots that may cause misfeed or jams. but taking too much metal out of the chamber will make the ammo base to hang out too much which leads to brass bulges or worse, a kaboom!

other areas to clean up or would benefit from polishing: the breech face of the slide, the inside of the slide (hood and tunnel) where the barrel and recoil plug passes.

kayang kaya mo iyan gawin sa bahay or pahiram mo 1911 mo kay mc_o, specialty niya yan!

06-28-2005, 17:36
Just an addendum, I dont know what brand of gun you got but since you said it's a "45" I assume its a 1911. Anyway most recent production 1911's comes out of the box with a "Throated barrel". Before the mid 80's most 1911 comes with a standard chamber that has a narrow mouth. During that time most servicemen and shooters use the standard "ball" ammo. But with the developement of semi-wad-cutter ammo, they found out that since the ammo has a "square" shoulder it always jam. Because the ammo's shoulder hits the narrow throat of the chamber. So the gunsmiths widened up the throat to look like a half funnel at the bottom. This fascilitates the smooth feeding of the round. Bet sure to ask your smith to ream-up the chamber to make it a hair wider. So that you wont have a problem with reloads. Hope this help.;)
Last thing if you have a chance to go to the range you can try this drill. Load your magazine with ammo and shell "Basyo" in an alternating way. Be sure that the first round on top is a live ammo. Salitan ika nga kabayan at pag-nagcycle kahit na basyo ang nai-feed mo I think your fine. Hindi mo kailangang mag-pathroating.:cool:

06-28-2005, 19:28
Tyagaan mo na lang muna sand paper yan pards. If that doesnt work out, then I suggest thats the time you consider having the barrel chamber throated. If you're not sure what to do, just use a fine sand paper so you wont take out any metal from the feed ramp. That worked for my 1911. I already had about 50 Rem HP and 100+ rnds of locally loaded XTPs without a single problem.

07-14-2005, 18:25
Try to get the book of Bill Wilson on the 1911. It's a red book, and published sometime in the 80's. There is a section on the proper way to throat a barrel.

It's an old book, but what's important is that the basics of how a 1911 functions is all there.