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06-28-2005, 20:19
Any of you guys use SPS mags. REcent ad in USPSA frontsight claims 21+1 rounds in a 140 mm legal mag. Sells for 47.50 dollars + shipping.

Eye Cutter
06-28-2005, 23:05
the new sps magazines are all-stainless in construction, unlike the old carbon steel ones with the soft feed lips.

order direct from SPS (http://www.sps-dc.com).

tanduay, judge and i have 126mm sps mags, 18+1. my team mate trimmed 1 or 2 coils from the stock spring. he can fit 19.

USPSA 140mm mags hold 21+1



Eye Cutter
06-28-2005, 23:08
aba, mas mura pa sa US. Its $53.52 each at the sps online store.

we tried the 18+1 sps follower and spring in an sti and svi tube, won't work. iba shape ng sps sa s_i tubes.

06-29-2005, 04:16

ganda ba feed lips nya?

Eye Cutter
06-29-2005, 04:28
i have 3 sps stainless and 1 carbon steel .40 cal mags. matigas yung feed lips ng stainless, the carbon steel manipis and matalim.