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07-02-2005, 16:33
My parents just had their vacation / retirement house built for them, and we essentially moved in today. All along they have been working with electricans & Dish Netwrok contractors, to be set up for Dish service.

Especially at my request, I asked for all lines to terminate into a control/home network panel in the basement, and then feed the cables back up to the TV's. That way we have flexibility to add/move connections as their needs grow.

It turns out they (Dish) demanded from the contractor to wire directly from "roof" to "outlet", not going through the basement as I requested. The electrician we hired actually disagreed with dish tech's, saying it's best to have the home network junction box (as that's where the phones & Cat 5 cables are terminated).

Dish told our electrician NO, and they wanted direct runs from Dish to each room, with no possibility of service anwhere except the roof. For some reason, or electrican gave in and wired it Dish's way.

Anyway, the final Dish guy comes to hook up our boxes today, and only sees "1" Coax outlet in each room. Then he says he can't install them. Apparently, Dish sold my parents "dual tuners" which require 2 coax connection per wall plate. Prior Dish advice was to only wire 1 directly from the roof.

So we offer to "downgrade" to single tuners, to let us resolve it in a short term solution. For some reason "single" tuners are $10 more a month, so my parts would have to pay $30 more a month to make it work.

I checked and the newer dual tuners only require 1 connection.
It seems Dish is "dumping" old generation dual tuners at a discount, which require "2 coax" connections, and my parents signed up for those, not knowing of the "2 coax connections" per box need.

So now we have to hire our electrican again to re-wire the runs into the basement as originally planned (it not so much effort he says). From there, we can run 2 runs to each box needed, and use these until they have an upgrade opportunity.

Then we find out the dish was not gounded, and not in the BEST spot on the roof. We got a signal but barely. Our electricain thinks they picked a spot only "THEIR" dish would work, eliminating the possibility of using another company.

Any way, we hooked up just 1 TV to enjoy the holiday until we can get people on the phone Tuesday to resolve this, and get the house wired correctly.

Makes me glad I have cable TV and a Cable modem.

Why would Dish not want their coax cables going to a central Home Network box? They only logical answer is to lock my parents in to only using their service forever, as the house would not be ready for any other kind of provider.

07-03-2005, 11:39
Why did you not have the electrician install the Dish and wiring himself?

07-10-2005, 04:52
1) This is your parents' house, not DISH networks. If they want cable runs to the basement and then back up to each room, that is their decision. If they want the wiring wrapped around each window on the outside and looped three times around the mistletoe before it runs to a TV, that is their decision. Not Dish. I'm sure their argument will be about "signal quality" but these dishes can support huge cable runs without any problem and signal amplifiers aren't very expensive or hard to come by. I would have an issue with any contractor I hire making such a change without discussing it with me first. However, what's done is done. I think you're owed some compensation for the inconvenience. I don't know if Dish uses their own installers or contractors, but supervisors and service credits need to be involved in the near future IMHO. I think their idea was to prevent a customer from switching services in the future. If you had a central termination point in the basement, you could easily disconnect their dish and connect cable, DirecTV, whatever. There would be no incentive to keep their service as you'd have to pay another "installation fee" to some other company.

This was total bs...any updates on any resolution?

07-10-2005, 08:33
Yes, there has been a resolution.

Basically, the house was re-wired correctly, and Dish Network has agreed to pay for the bill. $300 for the re-wiring & $100 for adding a ground wire, which was not added the first time.

It was all possible because of the final DISH contractor with the boxes. He was on our side, and discussed it with the management internally, which really helps negotiations. If this contractor had said nothing, it would have been much harder to deal with DISH.

So it appears the issue is closed, pending the payment.

07-11-2005, 00:27
Congrats on getting it taken care of and kudos to Dish for correcting their screwup. Glad to hear it worked out well for you.