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07-04-2005, 09:23
I have removed the floppy drive from my computer so I could install it into a family members computer that needed it more than I do. I use the little USB memory cards. I should add that I first tried to find a new floppy locally but the only one I could find was $40.00 and I am not paying that for a floppy drive.

What I want is to get my computer to boot without recognizing my floppy is gone and giving me this error"Diskette drive A error". I get two beeps when this happens and the boot process halts until I hit ESC and then it continues to boot.

I have gone into the bios and disabled the floppy drive and set my HD as the first boot option and my CD ROM as the second but I still get the error and halt of the boot process. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks