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07-08-2005, 20:00
Stop me before I do something stupid.
XP Home SP1 machine.

Been getting "a defective or damaged area was detected on the medial. The backup device failed to transfer data... An error occurred while writing backup" error.

This occurs ONLY at the conclusion of backing up to either CD/CDRW or DVD/RW disc number two. IOW, it writes to either a CD/RW or a DVD/RW just fine for only the first disc of the backup, then tanks after the 2nd disc.

Device configuration: Backup Device DVDRW IDE 1008: Drive E Backup Firmware: 0055 (1D-03-23-03-0C00)

According to http://www.emprex.com/03_support_02.php?group=57&kind=1 the "firmware" is likely very out of date. I do not understand "firmware".

I have DL'd the 'firmware flash' appplication and what I believe to be the current firmware version for this device ("IDEPELMDU10080060. EXE" ) from the site - but before I do anything -

There is not an "exact" match on the list. "DVDRW 1008IM" is the closest match for this IDE DVDRW device. Attached is a screen shot of the site's choices.

Please tell me whether I appear to have obtained the correct firmware update - the only other 8x alternative is for "DVDRW 1008UI/UB" for a USB device. System info and error msg indicate this is an IDE device, yet its number is "1008" w/o any alpha characters after the number.

*sigh* What the hello is "firmware" anyway?

07-08-2005, 20:01