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07-09-2005, 08:22
I luv the SG gibsons...had two over the years;one was the late 80's "Elite" version,aqua marine colored,mother of toilet seat pickguard,string thru body and EMG's-a real funky sounding SG...I took it in for a truss adjustment and one of the shop employees stole the damn thing.Fortunately the owner reimbursed me $800 (I paid $600 for it) and I picked up an SG standard in Wine Red-gourgous looking axe. It sounded better than the elite-much warmer and very much like my LP without the brighter attack.I should,ve kept it but had to sell it off when money got tight (gun habit ;Q )

I still have a good Tele and the LP,but really want another SG...I've been looking at the ESP versions and they look to be well equipped with a much better price,anyone have experience with the SG body ESP's or ESP guitars in general?