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07-10-2005, 09:33
Hello BoG,
Just FYI...
I was looking for a SureFire X200 for my upcoming Glock 19 and stumbled upon a shop in Makati Cinema Square called Survival and Outdoor Equipment (S.O.E. for short). It is on Basement 1, near Jethro.
Well, they had the X200 and they were on sale! As a matter of fact, everything they had was on sale, from Blackhawk gear, SureFire lights, Maxpedition bags, 5.11 clothing and much more.
Pretty cool guys to talk to also. I think the sale will last until the 18th of July.
BTW, I am not affiliated with SOE in any way. Just passing along some useful info to fellow BoG members.


Eye Cutter
07-10-2005, 17:36
do you know the prices of the 5.11 pants?

07-10-2005, 20:35

can you give some pricing on the items you saw?

07-10-2005, 21:32
I didn't really take note of the other prices. It is best to call them. The number is 8481436.


07-10-2005, 23:37
How much?

Can you PM or text me please? 0918-941-5915.



07-11-2005, 00:15
Thanks for the info, Allan.

Could you please PM or post the sale price of the SureFire X200? Thanks :)