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07-15-2005, 01:41
this is one of my favorite bands. anybody listen to these guys?;I

07-18-2005, 16:25
I saw them open for Linkin Park back in like '02 or '01.

Terrible man. Just terrible. "Bartender" is a cool song, but the rest of it was lame. The band were all drunk, and the DJ at one point passed out and tumbled off the stage with his turntables. The bouncers had to push him back up onstage and the roadies came out and poured water bottles on his face until he woke up.

Their sound quality was good, their music quality wasn't at all.

They said "F" waaay too much though. Like, to the point that it was ridiculous:

"Thank you ****ers so ****ing much for ****ing coming out here tonight. We're just a bunch of ****ing stoners from ****ing California and we're ****ing HERE ON STAGE with LINKIN ****ing PARK! We don't ****ing deserve this man, we ****ing don't! You guys ****ing rock mother ****ers! **** yeah! Let's ****ing rock this mother****er!"

07-23-2005, 00:39
I love hed. ;)
I think they are a really under-appreciated band.

07-28-2005, 12:40
Originally posted by Smizack
I love hed. ;)

me too, but i never heard the band though!! ;f ;f