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View Full Version : Ameriglo night sights distrubutor in Manila?

07-17-2005, 19:14
Hello BoG,
Hay naku. After reading all the posts regading importing gun parts to the Philippines, I've decided just to get my night sights here. Anyone know whether there is an Ameriglo dealer here (interesed in their Operator night sights)?
I saw sa gunshow a Novak night sight package for the G19. Are they any good? I also saw Meprolights but not sure when it was manufactured (might be old stock...).


07-18-2005, 00:21
i'd go for the meps. check out urban. try to make them reveal na lang how old are sights. iirc, tritium would last for 12 years.

07-18-2005, 08:02
Thanks. Forgot about Urban. I'm assuming this is the one at Shang? I'll give them a call tom. Thanks buddy.