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07-27-2005, 16:37
Do you just write a book, send it to publishers, and hope someone wants to buy it? Just curious.

Miss Maggie
07-27-2005, 17:05
Different publishers have different guidelines for submission. It's best to find out what the requirements are of the one you are sending it to. Most of the time, you'd first send out a query letter. You might want to include a synopsis and an outline and maybe a chapter or two. The publisher will look at that and tell you if they want to see more.

08-29-2007, 09:54
Haven't personally gone through the process yet. But I have been researching it, as I am currently writing a novel. It looks like more and more, large publishers will not accept unsolicited material. You can't just send it in. It is usually somewhere on the publishers website whether they will accept unsolicited material or not. If they won't, which most won't, you need an agent. You can search for agents online. The Internet is a useful tool. There are also sites which educate writers on how to not get burned or waste your time.

Most agents who are legitimate should not charge a fee to read your work. For fiction a complete munuscript is required. Before sending it in, I would register the copyright. It costs 45.00 through the .gov


If your agent likes the work, he or she will be the one who submits it to publishers. The terms are usually that the agent gets a percentage of the profits. Something like 10 percent IIRC. For fiction you will also need a synopsis, and cover letter, along with the completed work.

A good idea is to google, "how do I submit a book for publishing?"

Good luck.