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07-29-2005, 20:18
So i got my Thermaltake Tsunami case in and realized i forgot to order a PSU to go with it.

I dont want to spend over $100 and i can see a ton of options on when it comes to PSU's. i will be running a PCIe 16 vid card and a combo drive for my burning needs. It will mainly be a gamer and it is for me :)

Any pointers on a good PSU for my needs would help me to narrow down my choices.


I do need SATA power connections on it, i would say Two built in would suit my needs. If i need more i will buy a molex to SATA power adapter.

07-29-2005, 20:28
I am not so sure i understand some of the options the PSU's have, for Example:

Antec NeoPower ATX 480W Power Supply - Retail

Dual +12V: Yes
Efficiency: > 70%
Fans: 1
Hold-up Time: 20ms
Input Frequency Range: 47 - 63Hz
Input Voltage: 100 - 240V
Over Voltage Protection: YES
Overload Protection: YES
PFC: Active

what is dual +12
how important is efficiency
# of fans, i would suppose i want two ?
what is PFC

Thx in advance

07-29-2005, 20:39


I run the 470Watt version. They don't make that one anymore, but this one has all the power, and then some, that you'll ever need.

Here's a link to the manufacturers website.

I did extensive research when I needed to upgrade my PS and this is the one that came out in front for me.

Check out, on the manufacturers website, their line of "Modstream" PS's also. They allow you to customize your setup by only plugging in the power cables that you need, right to the PS itself.

07-29-2005, 20:54
Here's a quick PS primer:

Here's a review:

They also provide a 5 year warranty with this PS. During the first 2 years you will be covered under the "Powerswap" feature. If anything, ANYTHING goes wrong with your OCZ PS they will shipp you a brand new one no questions asked.

07-29-2005, 22:49
Thx AZ

I have seen that feature you mention regarding only pluging in the connections you need. That would make for a nice tidy, organized case, i will look at those links you provided.


I was thinking a min of 400Watts but i will spend up to $100.

08-01-2005, 13:40
Again thx for the PSU primer link you posted! After reading it i looked at some of the other PSU i had and found them to be barely adequate. Looks like i have to buy another PSU to upgrade the other system i run.

This is the one i got for my new gamer:

I will have to buy another once my PC is finished so i can upgrade the other system. I had no idea how important the PSU was until i read that primer, a must read IMO.


08-01-2005, 18:20
Excellent PS you got there!

I like their brand of "Modstream" PS's.

If and when I upgrade from my OCZ 470W I am going to get one of those to ease the cable clutter in my case.

08-03-2005, 23:21
I'm partial to Antecs, myself.

This is the one I am running right now:

480W TruePower