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08-06-2005, 11:14
Fellow BOGs:

Colt Manufacturing Company, Inc. split their websites into two. is for military/LE customers while is for commercial sales (the pistol products are in this website).

It's good that they finally put a notice that commercial sales is in their other website. I checked a few months ago and was surprised that the pistols disappeared in their product line without giving a statement.

I actually got to know that their commercial products were moved to a different website when I browsed Their Gunsite pistol is exclusively made by Colt.

Good day!

08-06-2005, 20:20
thanks for the heads up isuzu! ;)

08-06-2005, 22:23
Originally posted by Kiddo
thanks for the heads up isuzu! ;)

You're always welcome!;Y

08-08-2005, 03:01
sir isuzu,

did colt actually closed shop? the last i heard was that they are going bankrupt & closing down, just not sure if it's true?