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The Pontificator
08-07-2005, 18:59
Galco "Matrix" is now made in left hand as well as right hand. :)

Pretty damn decent holster for $20. I've been carrying my G33 in one as of late and am very pleased with it.

Product Wizard has them for $19.99

They'll ship free with a $75 min. purchase of Galco products.

The Pontificator
08-08-2005, 22:29
Natchez Shooter's Supply also sells them. $17.59

08-09-2005, 09:11
I have a question for you. I have one. I like the way that it retains the weapon and is very low profile, but everytime I try to draw from it the front sight drags on the front of the holster. How do you draw from the thing?