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08-18-2005, 20:38
I picked up Flyboy1 at his hotel, had late lunch at a Thai restaurant then found ourselves in a gun store with an indoor range. How's that for a welcome gesture? I have been working in LA for the last 10 years, it was my first time set foot in that range/store. I have been in all the shooting ranges indoor and outdoor, all gun stores in SoCal but not this one. The funny thing is, it is less than a mile from the police academy. Oh well c'est la vie.

08-18-2005, 21:11

08-19-2005, 16:57
Very warm welcome as usual! Your the best!!!;3

flyboy 1
08-19-2005, 21:46
Greetings Sir Jerry!!

Sorry for the late reply. Just got in yesterday, had to catch-up with some sleep. Thanks very much for the warm welcome, really enjoyed lunch and your company. Hope next time I can stay longer so we can shoot Norco. ;f

Guys, do drop Sir Jerry a line if you're ever in L.A. He's a treasure of a friend, plus you get picked up either in a cruiser or a silver Jaguar to boot!!:cool:

P.S. Sir Gerry, I'll take you up on your offer to introduce me to other members of LAPD's finest, especially the sharp FEMALE bombshell members of your department!! ;w

Thanks and hope to see you again soon. ;Y ^1

08-20-2005, 00:08
If you can stay a little longer, we can stop by my precinct and have you meet my "partners".