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08-22-2005, 15:06
Well, I've always heard that "publicly stating your objectives" is a great way to help you achieve them, so here goes! ;f

I've been a runner for about 20 years, and have run a few marathons - but those have always been "for fun" - especially when I'm in costume! :)

But, amongst "real runners", you're not a "real runner" unless you've run Boston - because you have to qualify for it. Having just turned 40, my qualification time is now 3:20 and I think that's on the edge of my abilities - so I'm going to attempt it this fall so I can "go to the parade" at Boston next spring.

Usually my training for a fall marathon involves just long-slow-distance, because track work and interval running are hard work! :) But now that I have to get serious, I'm one week into a 17-week schedule I laid out and I'm busting butt on the track and working harder than I ever have.

So, there you go guys, wish me luck and any suggestions you have on making it to the big dance would be appreciated! ^c


California Jack
08-22-2005, 15:22
Good luck, train hard, we're pulling for ya!

09-03-2005, 13:17
Did my LSD (Long Slow Distance) this morning - 13 miles and it was a great run! Pace for my LSD is 8:00/mile, but I'm doing the last 20% of the LSD at "race pace" - so first 10.5 miles was actually at 7:50/mile and last 2.5 was at 7:23/mile (and had a hill - ouch!) which is significantly faster than the 7:38 pace I need to qualify.

Been doing quite a bit of repeats on the track and "tempo runs" (race pace or faster) at distances up to 7 miles - can definitely tell my fitness level has improved. Not ready to say I'm in the best running shape of my life - but pretty good for "an old man"! ;f


California Jack
09-04-2005, 15:57
That's mighty impressive Kestrou. Keep going!

09-08-2005, 12:10
Hey CaliforniaJack,
Check your meil box. GT says your box is full.


09-09-2005, 13:57
Good luck Kestrou!! I'm pulling for you. Let us know when you qualify. I've just taken biking back up after a long hyatus. I've only been out a few times and I "still got it"!!! I'm really enjoying this. I forgot how much fun biking is. I use to run until an injury caught up with me and I just can't do it anymore.

Hey I'll race you sometime. I'll be on the bike though. ;f

09-09-2005, 18:29

Thanks buddy! I'm training very seriously and can already tell my fitness level is up a few notches. Cranked out a 5K in a hair under 20 minutes (OK, 19:57 - but that counts! ;f) Wednesday evening and I haven't been able to do that in years.

We're like fine wine - getting better with age!

I don't know about that bike business though. Ever since I heard a few years ago about it cutting off blood flow to the p-e-n-i-s I haven't been on one! ;e