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08-27-2005, 16:59
My wife has a Mazda rx-8 and there is no room, so looking for a good small 2m or dual band mobile for her car. Ideas? Antenna? Thanks

08-27-2005, 20:23
The smallest dual band radio I have found is the now discontinued Yaesu FT-90. It has a very small remote head that will fit even the smallest places. Current small dual band radios are the Icom IC-208H or Yaesu FT-7800. Both have remote mount heads that fit in small places. The 208 comes with a remote kit and you can easily make a remote cable for the 7800. Some good super sick velcro will make mounting easy. I have also used some modified radar detector mounts to assist in mounting the remote heads.

I had the FT-90 and it was a good radio...kinda regret selling it now. I currently have a Icom 207 and 208, and both are very good radios.

As far as antennas, I would look at a glass mount antenna. Radio Shack used to make a pretty good one and I believe it is the same one now being offered by MFJ. They have been very good performers for me on several different vehicles over the years.

With these combos, I have been able to do installs with no holes drilled in the car, which makes significant others happy. Hope this helps.

08-28-2005, 14:56
are you willing to remote mount the head on the dash somewhere?

If so, there are many options. IC-2720 is about the best of the true dual band mobiles.

09-01-2005, 09:37
I've been away for a couple of years but glad to be back on GT.

When installing a remote mount radio in my vehicles I like to use these mounts. Of course you could always find more discreet locations for mounting the heads of the radios but I like this type.

This one is for the Rx-8