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09-03-2005, 07:51
I posted this in GNG but havent gotten any replies maybe someone in here can help.

Any one know the best way to put a kill switch in a 95 wrangler?
Mine was broken into the other night and the spare key I had kept in the handgun safe was stolen. Not just the key but the whole safe... which was bolted to the console... which was screwed to the floorboards. For the time being I've taken the coil wire off and put it in the house so it won't start for now but thats a pain in the butt every time you run it. A hidden starter or ignition kill switch sounds cheaper and easer than installing a new key ignition.

Any thoughts.... other than the obvious ..... that its a pretty dumb thing to keep the key IN the car, even if it is locked up in a safe. thanks

(planing my acceptance speech for the "DUH of the year" award)

09-03-2005, 07:57
You can cut the negative wire to the coil and run a switch at this point. It will turn the coil on or off. Let me know how it works out.

09-03-2005, 22:37
You could put the switch on the power wire for the fuel pump. No gas no go.

Here's ( a how-to for a different car but I'd imagine it's not much different. Halfway down the first post. You'd just have to figure out which wire it is.

09-04-2005, 05:31
I am with tony4311 on this one. Use a toggle switch to cut power to the fuel pump relay.

09-04-2005, 07:57
Ok... Lets make it simple... You cut the ignition not the fuel. Think about it this way... If you cut the negative side of the coil you do not have to worry about shorting out the system. No fuses. If you cut the power lead to the fuel pump you now have a greater chance of shorting out the wiring with the re-location of the swich placement... some people just do not get it... Hot wires or cold... It is up to you...