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09-08-2005, 19:13
Where is the cheapest place online to but markers?....i used to like pb fanatics but there site isnt working?? Oh and what are some good entry level markers? Im thinking a Pirahna or tippmans please. Im thinking maybe a TL-X?

brock sampson
09-09-2005, 20:50
Here's two good places that I've used before. They are among the cheaper sites most of the time.

You'll be fine with a Spyder. Or if you want to spring for a little more, the Ions are good guns for a mid range marker. Just browse, then see if you can try one out at a local field.

09-16-2005, 15:34 is where I got mine, good prices

09-20-2005, 23:50
Please don't buy a Pirahna. And is there a particular reason you aren't interested in a Tippy?