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View Full Version : $0.88 songs from wal-mart?

09-12-2005, 14:46
Anyone ever download from wal-mart?

There are two songs I have been looking for during the past year without any luck (Platters- Twilight Time, DJ Serj- Lil Italiano), except for buying the CDs. Wal-Mart has them both for .88 each. But I'm not sure how safe, decent the service is.

Anyone with any experience? Thanks!!


09-12-2005, 15:26
you can get the platters song of off limewire, i couldnt find Dj sej there though

Spyder Teeth
09-12-2005, 18:31
The only problem I've had with my Wally World downloads is now that I'm an Ipod owner I wanted to bring all of my songs over to iTunes. No can do, however, with anything I've downloaded from WM.com.

What I've had to do is use Windoze Media Player to burn these songs to CD, then I have to import them over to iTunes and supply my own (typed in) track info. Its a real pain in the rump. :(

But back before I ever heard of iTunes and Ipods, WM.com downloads were just the trick. Good sound quality, good server, decent download times, etc.