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bertud ng putik
09-13-2005, 00:01
galing ako sa straight shooter gun dealer sa shaw blvd. pasig, they have a RIA .45 display. nakalagay yung finish nya sa display w/c says black parkerize, and an imperial arm .45 na parkerize mismo( yung medyo green). ang alam ko kasi pag parkerize di ba green color?

sabi ko dun sa tao sa store, baka dull(matte) bluing yang RIA,they insist na black parkerize daw yon.

and then i ask another gun store, sabi nila wala raw black parkerize.
ang tanong, meron bang black parkerize talaga?

09-13-2005, 01:34
Ang alam ko meron, Tignan mo ang gun ni JJ naka black parkerize.

09-13-2005, 21:53
Black Parkerized coating?
Sure, using MnPO4 or FePO4, rather than ZnPO4.

Iba naman yung controlled oxidation that we know as 'blueing':
Nitre blueing can produce rich blue talaga, conforme sa tagal ng init.
Charcoal blueing makes a smooth black finish. Ditto 'Carbonia'.
Hot-salt blueing is AFAIK the economical standard today, and is also black.
Ang gulo ng "blueing", no?

Meron pa nga 'browning' e, traditionally using urine, but this
strays into the field of nitriding and carburizing, which in turn
drags us kicking and screaming towards the term 'case-hardening'.