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09-14-2005, 20:05
My department has acquired a bunch of older MSA packs with a boat load of parts to go with them. If anybody needs extras or spares or whatever, one money takes all. PM me and I'll get a count as to what we have. At this time I'm guessing there are 15 or so packs and eight tanks (2216). TANKS ARE OUT OF TEST AND EXPIRED (JUNK). I'm keeping a couple to shoot at just to see what happens ;P

Only checks from legit FDs will be accepted-NO personal checks

I trust you guys, but I'd hate for this stuff to end up in a meth lab.

09-19-2005, 21:18
Have you thought about donating those SCBA's to a fire department that needs them. If you haven't done so already, please check out . Some of these depts have lost everything from Katrina and could use any spare equipment you might have. Just a thought.

09-20-2005, 20:01
OOS bottles are good for nothing except making lamps and targets out of them. I prefer the latter. Our Luxfer-made 2216's from our MSA's can take a beating on the fireground, but not the punishment delt from my M96 or G3 with FMJ's. You'd be amazed at the quantity of fiber/kevlar wrap in one bottle. Steel bottles hold up much better (naturally) , but aren't quite as fun, IMO. Have fun Chief! -gloxter;f

09-22-2005, 05:58
Originally posted by DepChief
Have you thought about donating those SCBA's to a fire department that needs them.

That's a nice idea, but I wouldn't think they would take used personal safety equipment like SCBAs. They would have to be refurbished and rebuilt, by that time may as well get new ones. I am sure the manufacturers would be fine with waiting for payment, as state, federal and donated funds will become available. The manufacturers probably will be happy to donate personal protection equipment as needed, at least temporarily.