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09-19-2005, 19:39
Hello all! I'm new here and am seeking advice regarding carrying concealed with little kids in tow. I have three boys (5, 4, and 2) and a little one on the way. My husband wants me to resume carrying. I carried regularly before kids, and until my oldest was a toddler. Now I'm more concerned about the kids finding the gun in my purse or fanny pack than I am about travelling without one. My husband disagrees with this and says that there must be many women with small kids out there who have found a solution to this problem.

As I'm always chasing kids about, a fanny pack is much more convenient than a purse- but the only one I've purchased with carrying in mind always came unzipped. Even when I started carrying my cellphone in the gun pouch section, it would open up. Since I couldn't have that, I just put it up, went back to my purse and quit carrying.

Suggestions as to what to use to carry, maybe even what to carry and tips concerning the kids will be greaty appreciated!

09-19-2005, 20:15
Educate your children that the gun is NOT a toy.

Do this OVER, and OVER and OVER, OVER.

Don't try to hide the fact that you own or carry a gun. Because sooner or later they are going to find it, see it, or whatever. Make sure that when that day happens that they know WHY mommy carries or has a gun and the damage that a gun could do.

09-20-2005, 10:31
Good posting obx.

Also, you may want to looking into Coronado Leather products ( Although pricey, they have locks on their concealed compartments. I do not carry yet, but plan on using their purses to carry. I have 6 children ages 1-12.

09-20-2005, 10:42
Experience is my teacher. As a kid I used to find EVERYTHING hidden in the house.

So with my own two kids I have mad a point to educate them so if and when the time occurs that I need to draw and or fire, that they are not scared and or panicked. They know what to do and when I yell "GO" they know it is for their saftey and for them to run.

09-22-2005, 15:21
Originally posted by obxprnstar
Educate your children that the gun is NOT a toy.

Do this OVER, and OVER and OVER, OVER.

Don't try to hide the fact that you own or carry a gun. Because sooner or later they are going to find it, see it, or whatever. Make sure that when that day happens that they know WHY mommy carries or has a gun and the damage that a gun could do.

Same here.

I don't have any kids and can't really address the carry issue but the above plan is the same one my dad used on me since I was young. I'm almost 35 now and divorced.

There were only two rules when my parents went somewhere and we were unattended 1)no matches or "fire" and 2)no guns. Both my brother and I knew that if we touched either there'd be hell to pay when Dad got home.

I have a friend down the street with 2 young boys. She carries as well. I've never seen her go to great lengths to conceal her pistol from the kids. Their dad is a big hunter and they've been taught early on NOT to mess with the pistol.

09-24-2005, 01:15
Just make sure not to wear flip flops, or leprechaun costumes.

09-25-2005, 01:13
Yes, I agree with most of the comments here.

(BTW, we have 3 boys, too... 4,5, & 1). The main thing is that you take away the mystery & the glorification of guns from your boys' imaginations. My oldest two go plinkin' with me all the time (we live out in the country). They have all their toys guns & they watch G.I. Joe and everything else, but when it comes to real steel, they know what it can do to Coke cans, bottles of water, birds, deer, etc. To my boys, guns are an everyday thing almost. In fact, they are not really thrilled about how loud they are. (They hate wearing the hearing protection... so they understand that before it can go BOOM, they have to put on those "stupid Mickey Mouse Ears")

09-25-2005, 12:46
I have 2 boys 3yo & 9mo and my husband wants me to carry too. Currently I use a fanny pack with a break away zipper. I can move the zippers to position them under my belly button thus keeping them from unzipping on their own most of the time. Then when I feel potenial danger (going for a walk on the trail with the boys) I move the zipper in ready position in case I need to breakaway and grab my gun. It's not the best, but it's better than having to fumble with unlocking my purse.

I am working on a new product idea for concealed carry. When I get it put together I'll let you all know.

09-27-2005, 22:06
Children need to be educated as to the utter lethality of a firearm. Take them out to a shooting area with a watermellon wrapped three times in duct tape and shoot it. This simulates the approximate density of a human being. Have them stick thier fingers in it so see what would happen to anyone that got a gun pointed at them. I did this with a CCW class of mine and MAN it really drove home the point. Some of the squeamish people with over active imaginations almost puked or passed out.

I have always been of the opinion that smaller children say under age 10 should not know that you carry. Imagine your in a bank being robbed when Jr. shouts out daddy use your gun to shoot the bad man. That will ruin your day. If they become aware of your carrying otherwise, it would be embarassing if they made a scene but it could be easily explained to them then.

Higher quality gear shouldn't malfunction like you mentioned. Take a look around I am sure you can get a fanny pack that doesn't pop open, they are thousands of folks who carry this way and it doesn't make the local news.

Make sure you carry though. My wife was witness to a police officer being attacked by a psycho bum in a local grocery store. The fight litterally ended up at her feet with the bum trying to snatch the cops gun. My wife ahd no way to retreat because she was in a check out lane. luckily the cop was able to subdue him before the gun was drawn, but at 2 feet away my wife was prepared to defend herself and the officer if the BG had been able to get the gun out.

Melissa Ann
09-28-2005, 15:19
I'm not a proponent of fanny pack or purse, though of the two, I'd say fanny pack is probably more secure, as it is on you, instead of dependent on you remembering to grab it when you leave the car, store, house, etc.

I'd suggest using a holster. A pocket holster works nicely for small semi-autos or revolvers. A friend has one for his KelTec 3AT and my fiance has one for his J-frames. Inside the waistband holsters can conceal any number of guns, just takes some getting used to. Thunderwear or SmartCarry is another option I'd consider for your situation.

With holsters, you know you are in control of the gun, always. If you forget your purse at the restaurant or in the cart at the market (as my sister has), you are screwed. If the gun's in the holster, you can't forget it anywhere. And a good concealment holster will be darned hard for a badguy to snatch or "pickpocket" A good pickpocket or purse snatcher can run off with your purse or fanny pack and leave you defenseless against him - now with your gun.

With holsters, as opposed to the purses with locks on them, you can get to your gun NOW when you need it, not after pleading with the badguy to give you a second so you can unlock the purse so you can defend yourself and your children from him.

Other than that, what OBX said - education will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your children. Take them to the range. Shoot up a coke bottle full of water. Show them the damage that gun can do. Explain to them that guns are not for them to touch- only if mom and dad are there to make sure they are safe. If mom and dad are not there and they see a gun - hands off, RUN HOME! Teach them now about the 4 rules of gunsafety. Teach them BY EXAMPLE responsible gun handling - unloading, show clear, checking the chamber/cylinder each time you pick up a gun to see if it's loaded or not, loading, holstering, etc.

Good luck,

PS. I don't have children of my own - I have nieces and nephews and this is how my sister deals with guns and her kids. She doesn't carry - doesn't have guns in her home. But they go to my parents home and daddy carries. And the kids know that they can only touch guns if mom or grandpa are there. And grandpa wouldn't think to take them shooting unless my sister or her husband were there. They go over the 4 rules whenever grandpa and kids are together. And if they go to the range, they go over them again. The novelty is gone for most of the kids, they don't care to go to the range. And David is good about only going with grandpa. It's a male-bonding thing. ;)

09-28-2005, 15:52
Although there are people who are against purse carry, you have to make the decision on your own and know that purse carry IS an option.

09-30-2005, 09:49
3boys, I have 3 also but no more to come. Mine are 2 girls & the sandwich boy. Ages 3.5, 2, 1. We have begun to teach the oldest 2 about gun safety already.

I carried whilst pregnant with our 3rd. I did IWB when I could (early months) and then did Smart CArry most of the rest of the time. Other option I used on occassion, like going to the OB, was purse carry in a Coronado Leather purse.

Here in the TX heat, it's usually the Smart carry, or IWB. When I'm too lazy to 'suit up' I will use the purse, but then I never take it off unless I am in the dr exam room.

It all works well for me. Primary IWB carry is a Cmdr/Officer sized 1911. Smartcarry is the Taurus 605. Purse is either/or.

10-08-2005, 23:45
I carry all the time, even in the house. I imagine they just assume I am always carrying. My daughters were brought up first with Eddie Eagle rules and as the approached 8 years old they knew they would have their opportunity to shoot. They know not to touch any firearms unless I say it is OK and we both verify that the chamber is empty and still treat it as loaded, etc. They know Lynn and I have had training, they have had Jr Rifle and they understand the responsibility to protect family and use a fire arm if necessary. They know to keep their mouths shut as to the fact I carry and we have discussed emergency situations where their job is to get away and call for help and my job and Lynn's is to protect them. Once I am healthy enough I'll go to another firearm's class with my 17 yr old to better prepare her to use a firearm if ever necessary. (That would be under my direction as she does not have access to guns on her own.)

10-09-2005, 08:36
I grew up as the oldest of six boys. We ALL knew where the loaded 38 snubby was. We ALL knew where ammo and other weapons were. We ALL knew where the reloading components were. And most importantly, we ALL knew what firearms were capable of.

As has been stated many times previously, education is paramount.

I hope this post has driven at least one anti into a conniption fit. :)