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09-20-2005, 00:45
Good evening po sa inyong lahat:

I need your help/guidance/suggestions/critics in brainstorming this ‘madness’ I’m about to disclose. Below is my first Kimber purchased in 1998 and has well over 15,000 rounds thru it. See below. Pasensia na sa kulay, medyo hapon na and light.
<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
As you can see, its pretty much beat up with all these years of use. I have 4 Kimbers but this is the most treasured. Used to be my carry piece (sure its heavy compared to my aluminum Tacticals) but hey, its all steel except the MSH and trigger.

And then I saw the Kimber Super Match. All these months, hindi na ako nakatulog, parang polygamist, mayron na ngang asawa, naghahanap pa ng additional na asawa. Yes, I fell in love once more with the Super Match. The problem is the price, just checked the other day and is now $1,850.00 (used to be $1,600.00, well, t’was a gun show price). That and some other issues.

This is where I need help. Which one is a better alternative:
• sell my ClassicR and buy a new SuperM or
• pimp my ClassicR to look like SuperM(see below)
<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
Note: ClassicR is internal extractor, no failures of any kind since day one. All parts are still originals. SuperM is external extractor, questionable reliability.

If I’ll go option 2, and send this to a smith, this might be a good chance now to replace the worn parts. Base on your years of experience, what are the best internals I can get? Is it wise to change all the internal parts now? And for a moment, lets forget its a Kimber, lets say, any flavor of a 1911.

Am I just confused or is this a typical case of stupidity in the highest order? Huwag sabihin "YES!"...maghuhuramentado ako! ;f
Pasensiya na po sa kabaliwan ko...Thanks a bunch

09-20-2005, 03:45
Since you seem to be a Kimber guy i won't suggest other brands like the STI Trojan. ;f

My suggestion, keep the ClassicR and buy the SuperM. The more the merrier. ;f

09-20-2005, 03:49
medyo napansin ko nga na KIMBER Fan ka pala Vicara:) mahirap yang tanong mo.... tried mo din sana Springfield Armory series as an addition to your Kimbers, then idagdag mo sa future Les baer, ed Brown, Wilson...

pag ako kasi tinanong mo re: 1911 ayaw ko magbenta;P gusto ko lahat e:cool:

09-20-2005, 04:41
I'll go with Option 2. I'll give the external extractor feature a few more years to mature before purchasing a gun that uses it.

On the other hand, maganda sa 1911 ang konting wear marks just like your Kimber. It seasons the gun and tells everyone that you're a practiced pistolero. But that's just me.;)

Mang Danny
09-20-2005, 04:41
If that is a Series 1 Kimber I'd say keep it stock. If you want to change the sear, disconnector, hammer, use EGW or Caspian parts.

Check out the Les Baer Premier II, way better than Super Match.

09-20-2005, 11:37
thanks guys for the input. Yes its true, most of my 1911's are Kimber but I also have 2 Springfield's Trophy Match (mga laman-loob, wala na nga sa aking mga kamay, nasa biahe ngayon) and SW Model 41 all of them heavily modified, t'was mainly for my Bullseye shooting many moons ago and they have seen better days. My very first one was a Colt Goverment Model a replica of the WW I&II standard issues. Mayron nga yung kabitan ng tali sa ilalim ng grip.

I'm now more inclined to the idea of keeping my ClassicR as is, with all the sratches and fading finish. (btw, series I nga yun) Alexii is right, those are marks of a seasoned shooter. Batangueno and paltic said it right: huwag magbenta, the more the merrier.

Thanks Mang Danny for the tip on Les Baer Premier II. I will research more on that. If the price is in the neighborhood of my budget, then I will go for it. Pero pag more than 2K, baka hindi na lang, pa 30-lpi checkering/hard chrome ko na lang ang ClassicR ko then install SA magwell. Anybody has Les Baer? Gaano katagal ang waiting period? D'yo have a say on the specs i.e. look alike SuperMatch? Ewan ko ba, pero parang exotic dancer and dating na hindi maalis-alis sa isip ko yung sexing katawan. Tapos Les Baer pa! That will be awesome...

Thank you all, once again.

Mang Danny
09-20-2005, 13:51
Originally posted by VICARA
...............Anybody has Les Baer? Gaano katagal ang waiting period? D'yo have a say on the specs i.e. look alike SuperMatch? Ewan ko ba, pero parang exotic dancer and dating na hindi maalis-alis sa isip ko yung sexing katawan. Tapos Les Baer pa! That will be awesome......
Shop around ka sa mga gunshops na may stock (CA or NV) kasi medyo matagal ang waiting time lalo na sa 1.5" 50 yard guarantee. It comes with a target shot & signed by Les Baer himself! You will never know what it means by "Les Baer tight" unless you rack the slide the first time. Cost of ownership? PRICELESS!;)