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09-23-2005, 16:17
KD8CDO here as of about an hour ago!

Made my first contact as soon as I saw the ULS website had me in it ;a Mine unlike the other new HAM poster was a very pleasant one. I ended up talking for about 45 min and learning quite a bit. If anyone is out there from the S.E. Michigan area maybe we can hook up on 2 meter.



09-23-2005, 19:01

Are you within range of the DART repeater? That's in Oak Park. I must admit I don't know where Carleton is.

09-23-2005, 21:20
Carleton is north of Monroe, west of New Boston just southeast of Bellville.;P

I would think I could reach it, whats the freq?

09-28-2005, 19:04
Sorry for slow reply, got real busy all of a sudden!

Anyway, the DART is on 146.64 Mhz, -600 Khz transmit offset (standard), with a 100 hz PL tone.

The transmitter and main receive site is in Oak Park, and we're in the process of getting an east side and a north side receive site, but they're still kind of far from you. Give it a try!