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09-24-2005, 14:54
At one time it seemed a person was judged by the number of components in his stereo rack, not to mention how many watts they could handle.

Now, for cost and space reasons, I don't even have so much as a CD player anymore. Everything I listen to comes through the computer and a better than average pair of headphones. I have no complaints about sound quality and hard drive storage is a lot easier than having to move a collection of CDs and vinyl around.

Anybody else gone all computer for their music needs? Or will they take your component stereo out of your cold dead hands? :)

09-24-2005, 15:32
I am using my computer more now than ever. That being said in my car I use my Ipod(mini computer) and an awesome sound system (cd/mp3 player). At home I use my home stereo rarely as much as my Ipod. It to me is easier to shuffle through the music I want on my Ipod than going throught 8 200 count cd cases...




09-27-2005, 15:46

09-28-2005, 16:41
I use CDs in my car, and a MP3 player when I run, but at home I only use my computer to listen to music. no need to mess with anything else.

T. Harless
09-29-2005, 21:16
If I'm sitting at my desk, which is the majority of the time, every tune I own is on my Mac. I have some pretty nice Bose speakers that sound fine for me. If I'm playing whole house music it's my iPod through my receiver, again, with every tune I own on it. Same in the truck with an FM tuner on the iPod. All my cds are boxed and in a closet. Now, I'm ripping the 100s of hours of Grateful Dead I have on tape.

10-03-2005, 14:12
for just casual listening while working at home the computer is fine or just a plain ol' table top stereo radio or car radio.

but when i want to listen to serious music my home theater audio system is the only way to go, especially if i want to listen to DVD-A or SACD discs.

10-22-2005, 23:17
Never! Bang & Olafsen components, kicking 5 pair of Bose 401's keep my house rockin' and my neighbors pissed off. But they're just renters on both sides of my house and I was here first! Now if I could just stop burning out those speaker switch boxes...