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10-04-2005, 15:32
i am interested in getting a small group together to play on the weekends. i live in rural alabama and just don't get to enjoy playing with a band like i used to when i was younger. we had a five piece rock band that almost got signed within a year of playing together. too many big egos not enough little indians. any musician knows what i mean. but i would like to start making music again. i am a singer, i play a little guitar( fiddle, i call it). and would like to meet some of the local musicians who visit our little place on glocktalk. not trying to take over the world, just have fun on the weekends and meet some new friends. anyone interested, just let me know and we can pick and grin on my front porch. best.

10-16-2005, 06:16
You'd probably find some pickers to jam with by hitting all the music stores in a radius of your choosing down your way and seeing if they have a bulletin board you could put a notice upon.
Same with all the road houses and karioki joints.