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10-05-2005, 13:13
It was early morning and a lady had just opened her garage sale. A neighbor from down the road came running past on his morning jog and stopped to look at the wares.

He spotted a beautiful grandfather clock with an nbelievable price of just $50. So he told his neighbor hed buy it.

Will you be returning with your pickup truck to take it home? the lady asked.

Oh, no, he replied. Im strong and live only three houses down. Ill just carry it. He squatted down and hoisted the heavy clock onto his back, then walked slowly toward his home.

Suddenly, a youngster on a skateboard came roaring from the opposite direction and collided with the man.

Bang! Clang! Crack! The clock crashed to the ground. Cant you watch where youre going? the man yelled at the youngster.

The youngster replied, Cant you wear a wristwatch like everyone else?