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10-11-2005, 18:26
I put an air suspension on my truck last year, and with that, came smaller tires. I purchased a small unit from Dakota Digital to correct the tire size, and that caused quite a few problems, and caused me to spend over $700 on transmission fixes that weren't even needed. Along with that, came some ABS problems. When the unit was hooked up, ABS didn't work, and the light was on. I took the unit off, and the brakes appear to have worked fine for a few weeks, but the light remained on, and now its back to its old feeling again that no other car I've driven has.

When I put the suspension on, I did disconnect the rear brakes, and when I reconnected them, I properly bled them.

Can anyone suggest a place to take the truck to have someone look at it that won't cost me an arm and a leg? The stealership wants $100 just to hook the scanner up to it with no gaurantee that they will find whats wrong. Screw them. Anything like BrakeMasters worth while?