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10-18-2005, 21:49
any thoughts on ways to get her into guns i cant be with her 24/7 so would like her to be able to defend herself. would very much appriate any advice thank you ladies

G. Gunman
10-18-2005, 22:11
OK, take her to see Viggo Mortensen's new movie, 'A History Of Violence'. Once your wife watches Mrs. Stahl trying to get that shotgun loaded as the bad guys approach the house, she'll quickly understand what you're trying to tell her! ;)

WARNING: This movie contains full frontal nudity shots that add absolutely nothing to the plot line, and may require you to use your popcorn container as an expedient vomit bag! (NOT attractive!) Interesting fight scenes, though. Viggo's got the moves! ;P

PS: This might, also, help! ( :cool:

Mail Clerk
10-19-2005, 10:32
Originally posted by gunwolf72
any thoughts on ways to get her into guns i cant be with her 24/7 so would like her to be able to defend herself. would very much appriate any advice thank you ladies


She if she'll try a small 22 carbine like a Marlin or Ruger. Do you two go hiking or camping? Good way to start her off.

10-19-2005, 11:05
Print out the thread MsKitty put over in this forum a few months back regarding the man who wanted either her or her car (possibly both) and take it home to your wife. I think the title is "Almost Carjacked" or something like that. I had virtually the same thing happen to me as did Kitty. It was why I started carrying.

You cannot imagine how unnerving and scary it is until it happens to you. The police here say that if a man gets into your car with you, your chances of survival go down by 50%. I want all the chance I can get.

10-22-2005, 14:12
see that she takes a firearm course. unless you have the patience of a saint, don't try to instruct her yourself. i've seen so many male/female situations at the range where the male starts loosing his patience, gets testy and the female will naturally get scared and back away and want nothing to do with the whole thing. also start off with a 22. less recoil and let her read these forums. you can learn so much from other peoples experiences.

good luck!

10-24-2005, 18:45
Hi gunwolf,

My wife saw the light easily, when I posed to her that, since we have handguns in the house, it only made sense for her to be able to handle them safely (she's very logical). She started going to the range with me 3 to 4 times each year. She also agreed to take the CCW course with me, just so we could spend the time together. Now, shes claimed one of our pistols as "hers" and she's working to get her group tighter. Have I mentioned how proud of her I am? We've been married for 37 years and each year is better.

Be Well,


10-24-2005, 19:07
My initial attitude toward guns changed real fast when my husband and i went backpacking and had an unpleasant encounter with a cougar... um, i'm not recommending that as an approach... but afterwards, my husband bought a .22 target pistol, and i had so much fun with it that i have now (10 years later) worked my way up to a Thompson Contender in .454 Casul (sp?) ("nice kitty, nice, niiiiiccccce kitty" BANG!)...i carry a 9mm daily, and my husband and i take combat pistol classes every summer, and do IDPA matches when we can get a babysitter. It's important to me to know that we can function as a team under stress, and a whole lot of fun, besides. My only advice is making sure she knows that there are a whole lot of guns out there to try, each feels different and she can just keep trying different ones til she finds the one that is comfortable for her.


Good Luck!