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10-28-2005, 20:58
I'm 38, 6-1, 215lbs. I work as a hands on General Contractor, do heavy off road dirt bike riding on the weekends. I run a little bit, but nothing to brag about.

My problem is I stiffen up. At lunch time, after work (just the ride home and I am rigid!). Morning stiffness is horrible. No real joint pain, just my whole body.

What gives? I feel like an old geezer!

Any suggestions?

11-04-2005, 13:02
< i went back and edited my post to tighen up the rambling...>

I feel for ya DDEL,

I'm about the same age/size as you (40/6ft) and very active as well. I lift/swim/bike in the mornings, softball or Krav Maga classes at night. Long bike rides in the summer, and bike/walk as my main mode of transport here in the urban metropolis I call home.

It sounds like you're always on the move too..but perhaps you need more constant low-energy movement like walking, or stretching? I don't know if, on the job, you're always walking/running around, or if it means one morning of lifting/pounding etc., followed by and afternoon of standing, and so forth. My comparison is that if I slack off, and skip a workout or three a week, or perhaps get my only physical activity for the week in a long (60 mile+) bike ride on the weekend, I'll get stiff. Whereas, if I keep up with my workouts, as well as a little stretching and basic cardio stuff almost every day, I don't get stiff.

I've added simple stretching routine for the mornings or end-of-the-day. You could even try it out at lunch. I'm talking 5 to 10 minutes tops. I'm always stretching my calves/hamstrings and back. Those muscles are all connected, and if one of them is tight, it pulls on your entire body. That and a little regular cardio, if you have the time, might help to keep your a little less tight.

good luck!