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11-02-2005, 06:35
I'm new to carrying concealed...experimenting with different types.
I like the smartcarry but not sure it would be comfortable all day...
I'm afraid to carry in my purse for fear I'll leave it behind (I dont normally carry a purse)... The fanny pack is an okay option.
What do you other gals use?

Also, what do you do if you have your weapon with you and decide to stop by a restaruant and meet some friends for a cup of coffee and the restaraunt serves alcohol? (concealed carry not allowed in such a place here in Va....but open carry is okay.....I guess I could walk in and set my glock on the table and tell the waitperson I would like an ice tea.....) Lock it in the trunk? What if somebody sees me taking my fanny pack and sticking it in there? Looks like a great reason to break into my car.

Thanks for your input.

11-06-2005, 21:50
Inside the waistband carry works well for me, along with the Smart CArry. SC is comfortable pretty much all day, btw.

I carry either a 1911, or Taurus 605 wheelgun. THe 605 is only in the SC, while the 1911 is in either a Sparks VM-II or the SC.

As for going into non-carry zones, I avoid them like the plague! Have only been in a couple (hospitals that were posted properly, and a gradeschool rented by our church) since moving to TX a couple years ago.

Once our church completes its building, I will carry in church (not off limits unless posted).

IF you opt for IWB carry, you MUST buy a quality carry belt. It'll be wide & inflexible and hot & heavy, but it'll make lugging a loaded pistol around a LOT easier.