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11-04-2005, 02:10
...searching for a good martial arts dojo...

If anyone knows of any resources to help me find dojo's in deep south texas, around the mcallen/pharr area. Or know of any instructors down here who you know in particular to not be...egotistical self promoting mcdojo bottom feeders...as i have already met plenty so far, especially some dudes at a tae kwon do place who seemed to have a power trip for picking on the beginners (that was around a year ago, don't even think that place is still open anymore...wonder why ;Q ).

I will be taking the advice i saw on the forum to look for a place i am comfortable in, as well as having roundeyesamuriai's trusty list at hand.

Edit: AUGH...i forgot to mention some acutally mentioned they were assisted by "psychic mediums"...this is going to take a while...

11-04-2005, 10:39
Well, there's "Master Zamora's Kung Fu/Krav Maga/F.I.S.T" in McAllen... Borowitz' Black Belt Academy... ;i

How far are you from Mission? There's a halfway decent aikido school there: http://www.aiki.us/acst/

11-04-2005, 16:12
not to far i live in edinburg, but i can drive a bit farther just to get a decent school...i woudl rather pay a little extra on gas and get a nice instructor then get one next door and be stuck with some egotistical instructor who just gets his kicks off of hitting people :P (seen it...)

11-22-2005, 13:04
Where is Edinburg?

Roundeye, we may know some of the same ppl if you're familiar with the south Texas area...

Also if you're Navy in upstate NY..(NPTU?)

11-22-2005, 13:10
LOL No, I USED to be in the Navy (a LONG time ago).

I only know a few instructors in Texas, and just from meeting them at seminars, etc.