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11-08-2005, 13:20
can this be done at reasonable cost? if so, what equipment is required?

at home my internet (roadrunner) comes thru a linux box (redhat 8.0) which i use for firewall, router, and some servers (http, ftp, mysql) for stuff (linux and windows boxes, printers, scanners) around the house. all this was wired with ethernet cable.

recently i began 'getting smart' about wireless, got a d-link di-514 wireless router, and set it up to run some of the machines at home through a subnet of my 192.168.2.xxx lan here. (mostly done to eliminate some inconvenient wiring and prepare for the following project.)

what i know about networking is what i have been obliged to learn to get all the above going, and am at the limit of my knowledge.

we have a studio building located about 1300 feet distant from the house where i have a dual boot machine (win98 and linux) and print server. i would like to connect the studio to the home lan and add more equipment there. line-of-sight is not a problem.

i figure a couple of good outdoor directional antennas (maybe $100 to $150 each) would make the link, but am near clueless about what should feed the antennas. i have another d-link di-514 on hand. this would serve at the studio end to sub-net out the hosts there. i guess what is lacking is a pair of devices to throw and catch a single ip address between the antennas.

hub-at-home <> device <> antenna <...
...> antenna <> device <> di-514-at-studio.

what sort of device am i looking for?
about how much cost each?
recommendation of known suitable antenna?

much obliged for any advice.. shu

11-08-2005, 14:18
not sure what the distance specification of 802.11G is but I know it's supposed to be a far bit longer than 108.11B ... though I don't know if it's as far as 1300 feet ... I think for a reliable connection, you would need a good antenna, we set one of these up for about a mile connection one time and it worked very well:

11-08-2005, 14:52
There is a company named ParkerVision that makes wireless equipment. They have a router that claims to have a one-mile line-of-sight range. Itís the SignalMAX WR1500 router. Just do a search for some reviews on it.

11-09-2005, 12:23
Thanks. Believe i've found the answer to this. Two each of d-link DWL-2200AP bridges and ANT24-0801 directional outdoor antenna should do it. May be useful to other folks with similar project. Street price of +/- 100 bucks each item.

Probably other manufacturer's stuff available as well, i just started with d-link because their DFE-253TX pci nic works with Linux. Wish they would make a wireless nic would do the same!

11-11-2005, 14:19
Buffalo Technology makes some really excellent wireless gear to, that is particularly tailored to these types of applications.

If you are doing wireless bridges, drivers shouldnt really be a concern, since the bridge is just a way of turning a regular network card into a wireless card. In other words, the network card you are currently using gets plugged into the bridge with a network cable, and the bridge transparently passes the traffic over the wireless network.

Check out http://www.buffalotech.com/products/wireless.php for some of their gear