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11-13-2005, 00:08
I am getting a motherboard w/ a Promise FastTrak 100 raid controller built in. My existing system has a PCI ATA card w/ two drives that are both pretty much full. Question: Can I attach these drives to the RAID connections and use them each as individual drives w/ losing any of the data already there?


Tennessee Slim
11-13-2005, 12:56
Iíve done it with a FastTrak 66 so Iím guessing Ďyesí. I configured it for four separate arrays which, naturally, could each only contain one HDD. I think it was RAID1 that let me do this.

11-14-2005, 13:04
You should be able to do this. Donít hook up the drive and try to create a RAID array. If you do, it could format your hard drives. Just enable the controller in our bios as ďbaseĒ or something like that. Donít enable it as RAID. I would install my OS w/o those drives connected and then add those two drives after the OS has been installed to prevent accidentally formatting those drives during the OS setup.

I have a computer that has a built in ATA controller card that can be used to set up a RAID array. I just use it for additional storage like you want to do.