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11-13-2005, 00:54
The demo is out. 544MB download. Amazing graphics. Keeps all of the gameplay modes of NFSU2 while adding a few new ones. It's an interesting fusion of the older titles like Hot Pursuit mixed with the newer Underground titles and it works very well. The Big Thing in this title is the addition of a feature called Speedbreaker, which is just basically a bullet time effect that's a heck of a lot of fun to use.

11-13-2005, 15:28
Now that I've played it a bit more, this game is awesome! It's going on my buy list when it's released on the 17th. It runs as smoothly as NFSU2 does on my machine which is quite an accomplishment considering the graphical improvements. The pursuit events are a blast. There's something that's just so satisfying about outrunning the cops and causing general chaos that makes it hard to stop playing. The best part is the police radio chatter. They must have had a real PD help them because it sounds great. It's so much fun listening in as they coordinate the pursuit and set up roadblocks. Force feedback support is finally well done, Previous titles I've played with a gamepad because the wheel implementation was terrible. That's not the case here, my Logitech DFP works great with this game. The different road textures feel great, there's a nice vibration on cobblestone and other rough surfaces, and it feels great when you lose traction. With a good wheel and the speakers cranked up, it's quite an experience.

11-19-2005, 21:16
I'm getting it for Christmas for 360. Can't wait!

11-20-2005, 12:08
It's a blast. I grabbed the black edition the other day which comes with a bonus DVD and some extra game content. Almost every object in the world is destructible. It's awesome to be flying down some boardwalk and crap is flying everywhere as your car smacks into it.

The soundtrack is excellent. You'll be cruising around and the normal music is playing until you come across a cop, then the music switches to an intense hollywood style car chase score.

Everything is presented in an over the top, highly stylized, oversaturated fashion that the last 2 Underground games featured. HDR lighting is used to very good effect in this game. It's most impressive when entering and exiting tunnels and since this game takes place during daylight hours, the sun glare is impressive and used to good effect.

The actual city of Rockport is impressive. It feels like driving around a real city. Next to Madden, the Need For Speed series is EA's biggest franchise, so that means everyone wants to get in on the game. From artists having their music featured in the soundtrack to companies having their products plugged in the game. This brings me to the more controversial point of the game, and that concerns the use of in game advertising. It basically falls into 3 camps, those that hate it, those that tolerate it, and those that like it. I happen to like it a great deal. When I'm flying around the city and I pass a billboard for Cingular or a Burger King or Autozone on the corner, it only serves to further enhance the suspension of disbelief and make the experience seem that much more real.