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11-14-2005, 16:50
Hey guys, i am trying to get the office shortcut on my start menu that says "open new office document" like the school computers have. i am running xp with office 2003 student edition. any help appreciated. thanks


11-14-2005, 17:26
You should be able to find the Open Office Document and New Office Document shortcuts on your Start Menu. If they have been removed then use the Windows Search utility to locate them. Once found you can right-drag them from the Search results to your toolbar and select Copy Here when prompted.

If you are still unable to find them:

1. Open the Help menu in any Office application

2. Select Detect and Repair

3. Make sure the Restore my shortcuts while repairing option is selected

4. Click Start to begin

11-15-2005, 18:48
that got the shortcut menu back, and i thank you for your help , but i am trying to get the "open new office document" shortcut that when you click on it, it gives you programs and templates to use. i'll take a screenshot at school tomorrow and try to explain it better. thanks!!

11-15-2005, 21:13;en-us;828956#XSLTH3152121123120121120120

Shortcuts on the Start menu
Office 97, Office 2000, and Office XP use the same shortcut names on the Start menu to start programs. Office 2003 now automatically installs its shortcuts to the Office subfolder on the Start menu. New Office 2003 shortcuts are versioned. However, to avoid confusion, Microsoft suggests that you add the version number to each shortcut for the earlier products. For example, rename the shortcut that points to Microsoft Access to Microsoft Access 97 before you install Office 2003. You can also move the Office 97 shortcuts to a different subfolder on the Start menu.

In the Office 2003, the New Office Document and Open Office Document shortcuts on the Windows Start menu are only installed during a complete installation of Office or your Office program, or during a custom installation where you specifically selected the New and Open Office Document Shortcuts item.